QA Engineer

QA Engineer

Who we are:

We create the data products & technology that make advertising work better for people. Choreograph is a global data products and technology company, purpose-built for an era that demands an innovative approach to data management, usage, and brand growth.

Data is the fuel that powers growth. The companies who best leverage data are creating unbeatable advantages over their competitors while simultaneously connecting with customers more effectively.

Our goal is to help future-focused businesses use their data in ways that meet savvy customers’ expectations while building trust and understanding.

We are over 700 data scientists and strategists, technologists, and product gurus. You will find us in over 17 markets around the world. We offer a modular product suite, empowering marketers to drive sustainable, data-enabled growth.



About choreograph create:

Choreograph Create is a cross-channel dynamic creative platform. It uses advanced combinations of audience and contextual data triggers to deliver relevant advertising content in real-time, whilst generating valuable insight that can be used for current and future creative optimisation. With Create, brands can improve performance through ad relevance, decrease time to market and learn what content is helping to achieve campaign goals.


About this role:

Within your team, you will deliver a crucial contribution to the development of the Choreograph Create SaaS platform. We expect that you take the hat in ensuring high quality with every delivery. This means that the whole system works well and adheres to the quality standards. You have quite a deep understanding of how test automation frameworks are implemented (i.e. you don’t only test with let’s say, robot framework – but you know what is happening behind the scenes because you implemented it). You feel comfortable creating manual test cases, running these (using tools) and specially automating these (using the frameworks that we use). You feel great not just reporting a bug but also supporting the team in its resolution. You have great communication skills to report test status, risks, bugs, etc.








Role characteristics

  •       You will work closely with the development team to create awareness for the status of quality in general; you advocate to the testing framework/activities that we have in place;
  •       You work in an agile team with all the common activities such as: create Test Scenarios, Test Cases, applying Risk Analysis, coordinate test efforts within the team;
  •       You implement test automation (using the same frameworks that we use – Cypress, Gherkin and javaScript) and increase the scope of automated testing from what we currently have (integration, end-to-end, ...);
  •       You posses knowledge of CICD in order to setup and maintain a GitLab pipeline up and running for the automation tests;
  •       You support in solving bugs, on reproducing and finding root causes. You help identify current deficiencies and you advice on how we can prevent similar issues in the future;
  •       You collaborate and are a part of the requirements elaboration process with the POs (discussing acceptance criteria).

Role Requirements

  • Experience with CI/CD and test automation (using GitLab pipelines);
  • Critical thinker & problem solver;
  • Strong communication skills;
  •       Experience with web oriented test automation frameworks (Cypress); applying standards as Page Objects for example, using Gherkin and JavaScript.
  • Fluent in English;
  • ISTQB, Agile Tester certifications are a plus;
  • Clojure experience is a plus;

Success attributes:

  • High energy and passion for the job.
  • Motivated, self-starter, self-reliant, resilient, ambitious, and communicative.
  • Comfortable and thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, start-up environment, fitting int our culture.


Harris Muhammed



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