Lead Front End Engineer - Clojure

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Who we are:

Choreograph is WPP’s global data products and technology company. We’re on a mission to transform marketing by building the fastest, most connected data platform that bridges marketing strategy to scaled activation.

We work with agencies and clients to transform the value of data by bringing together technology, data and analytics capabilities.  We deliver this through the Open Media Studio, an AI-enabled media and data platform for the next era of advertising.

We’re endlessly curious. Our team of thinkers, builders, creators and problem solvers are over 1,000 strong, across 20 markets around the world.

About choreograph create:

Choreograph Create is WPP’s omnichannel dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) platform, enabling users to align advertising content (e.g. images, videos, copy) with data (e.g. location) in real-time, turning one creative concept into thousands of unique ads. With Create, brands can deliver relevant content across all major media channels – including websites, TV and social media platforms. We utilise AI and ML to optimize campaigns towards the best performing content with no human intervention, providing valuable insight for advertisers. Users from across WPP utilise Create to optimize content for some of the world's leading brands.


About this role:

As the lead front-end developer for Choreograph Create, you will both contribute to and oversees the development of a responsive, user-friendly SaaS web application, utilizing the latest web technologies and frameworks, guiding the team in FE coding and architectural decisions. The lead ensures that the team adheres to modern development practices and effectively utilizes tools to achieve optimal performance and user experience. You will play a crucial role in product design discussions, feature development, and code reviews, advocating FE best practice and encouraging good throughput.


  • Lead the technical direction and strategy for front end development
  • Participate in product design and feature development discussions
  • Ensure code quality and application optimization
  • Lead by example, participating in the development of new features
  • Ensure high-quality code and optimize the application for performance
  • Mentor and support team members in their professional development
  • Review and provide feedback on code and design
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align development with business goals
  • Stay updated with emerging technologies and incorporate them into your work



  • Proven leadership and decision-making abilities
  • An expert collaborator
  • Strong problem-solving capabilities
  • Passion for building interactive user experiences
  • Solid understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and modern web design principles
  • Experience with Clojure/Script (the main language of the system)
  • Good skills in modern JavaScript/TypeScript, libraries, tooling and ecosystem
  • Proficiency in React and React-related libraries
  • Skills in Mobile App Development considered a plus
  • Experience with advertising technology (AdTech) and ad serving and dynamic creative (DCO) highly desired


Harris Muhammed



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